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We have Landed in Caulfield South!

Updated: Dec 2, 2023

On the dawning of the 11/11/23 I rolled out of bed and trundled down the street to meet the sign writer. After being housed in Elsternwick for almost 5 years, organising signage had alluded me! Joining forces with Vicki and Marnie down here at 722 Glenhuntly Rd, Caulfield has been the dawning of only took 5 weeks to whip up and have our signage placed up front and center in our new corner space.

What a breath of fresh air it is to be able to lean on, lean in and lean forward with these two beautifuls souls. We form a trio as we all ascend forward prompting and encouraging the best versions of ourselves to present and flow forward. Towards the end of the lease in Elsterwick I was feeling very alone, I spent much time in meditation and manifestion and now I walk forward in the energy I was manifesting for myself.

A Little about the new space.

The store energy is grounded, nuturing and peaceful. One room full to the brim with many of the products that are made in house, such as essential oil singles and combinations. The essential oil combinations are all channeled from my guides and the universal energy that focuses on healing. By encasing yourself in the vibrations that you seek/feel are right for your balance you lead yourself to health.

Essential oil combinations feature as oils, sprays, bath salts, massage oils and speciality healing oils. I have created crystal and aroma bracelets and necklaces to apply the oils for a gentle absorption into your skin at pulse points. The bonus of making a product in house is that I can cater it directly to you, we can make a scent combination up, resize jewlery and restring any broken or well worn pieces on site.

The strength and effectiveness of our house made tonics has been spreading though Melbourne and I now feature these tonics at local and far markets around Melbourne. The feedback on the energy and balance that the tonics assist with is overwhelming evidence, that growth and the ability to assist the wider community with health hurdles has been clarified to me. The ease to take a minimal amount used in doseage for the results achieved is heart warming. I feel blessed to be able to share this ancient medicine with my community and beyond.

As I look around the new store the view that I am gifted is a culmination of 5 years of creativity of product design and making, collaboration with other practitioners and contributors, an ode to community collaboration and expansion of tools for health and balance support as well as the unique selection of spiritual art, from our artist in residence, earlier in the year, Sage.

Local jewellers, artists and crafters (even counting my mum amoung the talented humans) support the knitting of positive community energery of the store. The range of local authors and talented oracle card creators continues to be featured and grows with the recent addition of Marnie's 4 book series that assist you to master your inherent abilities for forward movement.

Vicki, Marnie and myself have big plans to continue this collaborative community expansion at our new location. Stay tuned for new creative projects to flow through the store. Our plans for our fairy wall competition accompanied by a fairy garden, opposite the school and will be an opportunity for more Gaia energy to our pocket of bustle.

Market day is coming up on the 8th December too....a day where we bring market prices $50 for 1/2 hour sessions for health and balance to you in our store location, sessions will include, Mindset reprogramming sessions with Marnie, Tarot with Vicki and Balance sessions with Jemima. Bookings can be made online or instore. More info to come about Market day in our December Newsletter.

Catch us on Instagram for updates, health and balance tips and new product releases. If you are expanding your intutition I am running a circle on Tuesdays from 1-2:30pm ($30 investment) and Vicki will be holding a tarot for beginniners course in the new year!

See you on the journey.


Jemima holds a remedial massage diploma, Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture degree. Jemima has over 20 years exprience and focuses on the balance for the body and the ethereal/spiritual body healing. Her treatments can include crystals, essential oils, acupuncture, herbal medicine, reiki, spiritual guidence, pyschic tune in and messages as well as guided treatments for your whole being. Jemima continues to create products for all aspects of your physical and spiritual health journey in this life.

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