Founder, Clinic Practitioner

Jemima Toby holds a Bachelor degree in Acupuncture; Chinese Herbal medicine and a Diploma in Massage. Her practice in natural therapies has spanned over 17 years. Her journey into motherhood and beyond has gifted her with an understanding, that with the right support for families and individuals, each person’s journey can embrace enjoyment, light heartiness and wellness.

Intuitive energetic healing focus’ on clearing blockage in the body and mind, linking you energetically to your body, mind, soul and guides. Jemima provides guidance for your life journey covering aspects of health, wellness, career, personal relationships and solutions to re-ignite your energy and spirit.  Session may include Acupuncture, Spiritual Guidance, Reiki, Energy Clearing, Energy Pulling, Energy Revitalising, Tarot, Mantras, NLP, Diet changes and. Meditation. Acupuncture, Chinese medicine and Intuitive Energy Healing works with our body’s energetics or Qi. The aim is balance. As we aim to achieve balance, realistically any symptom or challenge however niggling or large can be treated with Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine and Intuitive Healing. Each session is unique to you and your


Product Management, Jewellery Designer

Vicky is an Elsternwick local who lives, breathes and dreams jewellery. 

Ideas flow from meditations, dreams and collaboration. Her recent pieces of aromatherapy bracelets and necklaces have assisted children as well as adults with finding calm and centring jewellery (and the world in general) make her so excited she is often creating grounding jewellery for herself!

Lava stone and rudruksha (a seed bead) features big time. They both absorb essential oils acting as your personal aromatherapy diffuser! These beads, paired with gemstones make for jewellery with great energy and meaning. Vicky loves finding true and honest meaning in everything. She really just loves love!

Vicky makes jewellery as medicine; 'wearable therapy'. She is all heart, fun, and meaningful pieces are her favourites. Vicky has lived many lives, collecting beads from her time living in China and tracing her roots around Europe, training her eye learning under a Master Silversmith, making bespoke pieces for charity auctions as well as exhibiting some of her more experimental dreamy type pieces. Vicky has fine-tuned her skills and application of them so her jewellery can surprise and delight you while also being practical, and medicinal.

Any idea is worth discussing, come in! Have a chat! Vicky can't wait to meet you.x  


Massage Therapist & Nail Technician

Lucinda’s passion for Relaxation Massage started in her early teen years, where she felt a connection to healing people through touch.  Lucinda is driven by both the physical and mental bliss brought upon by massage, leading her to focus on her art on Intentional Massage.  

Massage is something that most people treat themselves to every once in a while, but receiving a massage on a regular basis is therapeutic and has long lasting benefits. Massage helps heal your body as well as your mind, it flushes out toxins and boosts your immune system. It can leave you feeling rejuvenated and helps promote a restful sleep. The endorphins your body releases during a massage, will leave you feeling like you are walking on clouds.  

Lucinda can also help you with some take home advice on Stretching, so you can continue to benefit long after the massage.  

Lucinda has a background in Beauty Therapy, with a specialisation in Gel Polish Nails. They last longer than nail polish (up to 3 weeks), stay shiny throughout and do not chip. You will receive a private & hygienic experience with Lucinda. Her nail practice is also available in this amazing Wellness Centre and she always ends her service with a relaxing hand massage. 

Lucinda looks forward to helping you look good and feel great x


Muscle Magician

Holly is a qualified Trigger Point Therapist, amongst many other things! what is Trigger Point Therapy? we hear you ask...

Holly's  style of Trigger Point Therapy is designed to unlock tight and overactive muscles in the body, re-aligning posture and treating injuries/niggles, safely and quickly. Exercise performance is enhanced and through tailored rehabilitation, fast recovery time from old injuries/niggles is assured. Holly’s clients have realised they can live without pain and discomfort associated with long term injuries.

Postural correction is part of each session, changing the way a client moves, sits or stands.

This prevents and rehabilitates:

•Strain pains

•Injuries to back, neck, knees etc

•Tight sore muscles

•Compression of the joints

•Improves overall confidence

Trigger Point Therapy uses an assortment of therapeutic massage tools such as anatomy specific GRID rollers, deep tissue penetrating perforated rollers, massage balls and point specific tools.


Reiki & Crystal Healing Practitioner

Melissa has been walking a spiritual path of deep inner self-healing for more than eight years. A lover of the majestic, beauty and wonder of nature and all beings of Mother Earth, Melissa practices honouring earth's sacredness daily, with intention.

Melissa is the creator of Feather Rock Healing and Rituals. As a Reiki practitioner who also incorporates crystal healing, she is passionate about helping you re-connect to your relationship with the self and to Mother Earth. After a session it has been said by many, that they walk away feeling balanced with the lightness of a feather, whilst still being as grounded as a rock.

By weaving the ancient wisdom of traditions such as reiki and crystal healing as well as re-connecting people to the self through sacred rituals & ceremony, Melissa holds the vision that we can become more connected and symbiotic with each other and with all beings of this breathtakingly beautiful planet. 

This sacred relationship and recognition can help us become more grounded and remind us that Mother Earth is always here holding us and always has been.


Melissa has sat in sacred ceremony with single origin Cacao from the foothills of Mauna Kea in Hawai’i. This sacred plant medicine, made by cuatro manos y cinco volcanes comes from an Island of active volcanoes where the energy is very powerful, raw and potent. Connecting with this Cacao which holds the energy of creation has revealed many things for her and now Melissa wants to share this heart opener with all who feel called to in her community. Melissa will be holding cacao circles in our Community Space very soon. 



Galit's approach to counselling is one that can be defined as holistic, exploring the person as an ever changing emotional, thinking being responding to life’s momentary experiences and phases.

She works with the belief that we are the authors of our own life narrative and have the ability to change its course and direction. The key to growth lies in the understanding that life will throw disruptors and curveballs that can feel uncomfortable, destabilising and confusing.

Together you can explore, rethink and rewrite these, creating a personal narrative that will launch you forward into a more empowered meaningful self.

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