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Tektite and Libyan Tektite

A stone from outer space? Resonating with the likes of Moldavite, Tektite is said to have also

hurtled to Terra (Earth) nestled in an ancient meteorite, landed and proliferated through our Earth

to assist with the rise in frequency assisting the Human race to elevate consciousness mirrored

through our transcendence to our 5th Dimensional resonance of peace, love, unity, truth and


Both are activators of the Crown Chakra.

Crown Chakra Mantra’s with your Tektite:

*I am one with my higher self

*I am presence

*I trust my connection with Source

*I receive divine knowledge, light-codes and wisdom

*I allow and embrace my spiritual awareness

*I open clarity in my forward direction

The importance of a Mantra is the deep connection with self, creating trust, love, understanding

your divine connection with your higher self, oneness of unity with self and the greater collective.

What we fill our cup with overflows out to the collective. Establishing a deep connection to self

requires care and investment of time. A daily practice allows a shifting of consciousness towards

enlightenment, forgiveness and a positive opening of pathways. Daily positive Mantra shifts nestle

in with nourishment and kindness when performed in front of a mirror in a deep eye gaze with the


Place your tektite on your third eye or crown chakra for meditation, travel with it in your pocket, bag or purse, tuck it under your pillow, chat to its inner magical spirit, ask it assist with your expansion and remember to cleanse and care for this rare magical and other worldly universal Gem.

Imparting and sharing knowledge is a pleasure.

If this Crystal resonates with you, seek it out, call it in and cherish it.

Sending all light and expansive energy


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