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3 Ways That EFT Tapping Works

You may have heard of EFT tapping before. Perhaps you’ve seen it on YouTube, or

maybe you have a family member or friend who swears by it. Read on to find out a

bit about how EFT tapping works, what it feels like, how I would describe it, and what

kinds of issues it resolves.

1. It dials down arousal in the brain.

EFT tapping sending calming messages to the amygdala, the hippocampus, and the

limbic system. These areas are responsible for stress levels, memory, and emotions

respectively. When these parts of the brain are calmed, anxiety melts away from

your mind and body.

2. It works via exposure.

By using words to describe the problem while tapping, some exposure to the

problem is achieved, but at the same time the tapping calms the nervous system.

Unlike cognitive behaviour therapy, where you must think yourself out of the

problem, EFT tapping poses the problem and gradually exposes you to it

experientially to minimise emotional pain while allowing the client to feel the emotion

and let it go.

3. It works with affirmations.

While the first set up phrase said during EFT concentrates on the problem, it ends

with an affirmation such as “I accept myself” or “I choose to feel calm now”, etc. This

affirmation allows the client to accept themselves as they are with the problem,

which is often a freeing concept as it removes conditions on selflove and


What does EFT Tapping Feel Like?

You can often feel physical sensations during and after EFT tapping as energy

moves around your body. You may feel tingly, lightheaded, tired, energised, or lighter

as if a great weight has been lifted off you. You may yawn, burp or cough and you

may feel thirsty.

How Do You Describe EFT Tapping?

EFT tapping is like having a dial that you can use to turn your negative emotions all

the way down on memories or experiences that trouble you. It’s a mind-body therapy

in which you use two fingers to tap on various points of the face and body while

saying specific words to focus the mind on an issue.

What Kind Of Things Can Be Resolved With EFT Tapping?

Anything that has an emotional cause can be resolved with EFT tapping – any

negative or stuck emotions, addictions, anxiety, fears and phobias, uncomfortable

memories, even physical symptoms can be resolved where there is an emotional

cause. Pretty much anything that is holding you back from being your best self can

be addressed.

How Many Sessions Will I Need?

The number of sessions you will need will depend on how complex the issues are

that you want to resolve. A good rule of thumb is to start with 3 sessions and go from


I offer single 1 hour sessions for $150, a 3-session-pack for $380 and a 5-

session-pack for $680.

How Do I Book?

Call/Text Gemma on 0401285708

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