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Moon Intention and Rituals

Amazing mother moon brings you power, energy, transition and all those wonderful challenges in growth. An opportunity to welcome in and embrace the new, including opportunities to move forward and release, what no longer serves.

The new moon welcomes a period of new beginnings, new ideas, goals, relationships and manifestations you desire to invite into your reality. Plant seeds, intentionally move gracefully forward with the universe with this lunar cycle.

The moment is fertile, with freshness to begin, it’s a period to approach your commitments with new belief. Knowing that each day is new to feel reborn and become the most splendid version of you.

Taking this pause as an opportunity to allow time for you. Allowing to communicate within, to care and nurture for thee physical shell that you embody.

The full moon comes with a high vibration of energy. Maybe you feel it, maybe you start to act a little more energetic (bat shit crazy) and charged up. With a charge up comes release. This is exactly what this period is for. What a great time for a cleanse, shake things up, and prepare for a fresh beginning releasing whatever no longer serve you.

Pay attention to how you’re feeling in the days building up to a full moon. This can be a good indication of where you need to focus energy. Allow yourself downtime and after care following this cycle. New beginnings are an energetic process. Trust and listen to your intuition stepping forward.

Here are some rituals I practice during the lunar cycles…

Have a Tarot reading, of course!

From my experience as a reader, moon cycles are always a time where readings increase. It’s very common that you will feel a shift in the wind and an adjustment of energy. Wether you’re curious to see what comes up, or have an intentional question that requires some clarity, this is a great time to seek some tarot guidance.

Cleanse & smudge

These are amazingly satisfying necessities to perform during a moon cycles! The clearing and release of accumulated, stale and potentially built up negative energy will refresh your space and allow new energetic flow.

Cleanse your space inside or outdoors, and remember to sage yourself too! Other cleansing herbs include cedar, sweet grass, frankincense, palo santo, myhrr and lemongrass. Essential oils, room sprays or salt are also recommended. Speak a prayer of intention as you perform your cleanse. This is all part of the reaffirmation and manifestation process.

Lastly, where possible, use a sound healing instrument.

This could be a singing bowl, bells, chimes, or even a shamanic healing drum.


Just like the sun, water and smudging, crystals can benefit and recharge in the moonlight. I recommend finding a place outside or on a window sill where they can bask and charge in lunars light.

Leave your crystals out for up to four days over this period to super charge them. Place them on selenite or quartz for an added super boost.

This is highly recommend if you are using crystals regularly for healing, protection and connection.

New Moon Bathe

What a great reason to allow for some self care! Lock that door, leave the phone in another place and log into you!

  • Run the bath.

  • Add some salts, oils, herbs, flowers, even a bath bomb because you deserve it.

  • Create space for candles and crystals. An alter if you wish and can.

  • Enter the bath to soak and nourish.

  • Visualise your new energy, visualise your cleanse and you new welcoming of manifestations filled with abundance and satisfaction.


Journaling is a great way to create reaffirmation, set new goals, new intentions, put all those thoughts down on paper and create your renewed headspace. Some people manage to do this everyday and some do not. There is no right or wrong, yet it can really make a difference. New moon or a full moon, both are significant to give this practice the energy and time.

Find a warm spot, light some incense, get comfy, tea, coffee, wine, whatever fits. Open the journal and let that pen create your future.

For a new moon start with these;-

  • Write three things you are grateful for

  • Three things you would like to welcome in

Give your ideas to the universe, dream big and create intentions to action. How would you like the next month to look? Get out of your own way, go with the flow and step in to who you are meant to be. Take responsibility for what you are allowing in.

  • What is calling you?

  • Write words down or quotes that inspire you.

  • Write your goals, plan your roadmap and manifest your journey.

For a full moon, start with these;-

  • Three things you are grateful for

  • Three things to let go of

The full moon is a great time for reflection. Create a new head space to moving forward. Give gratitude and appreciation. If it is not empowering, exciting or aligning with you, let it go. Maybe there is a situation or someone taking your energy. Either are perfect places to begin.

  • How have you grown?

  • What is the progress of your manifestations?

  • Have they shifted direction?

  • What can you do to continue moving forward?

As much as it is a time of reflection and letting go, this also means that it is a good starting point to consider where you are going to go from here.

It's worth noting that lunar's energy moves before its highlighted presence, and it transition

beyond. Most of these suggestions of ritual can be given within and moment of the cycle. I recommend intentional writing and seed planting to be performed on the day of lunar.

Thank you for reading -

Wizard Nomad

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