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Lava Love

These bracelets and necklaces. These aromatherapy bracelets and necklaces! Truly co-created in store by Jemima and Vicky; they hold great power from the earth and trees, plus, they're gorgeous!

Lava stone is porous, minimal intervention from the ground to the bead on your wrist; lightweight, they will easily absorb essential oils and act as a diffuser for you to enjoy and find harmony within yourself. 

The other kind of bead we use in our necklaces and almost all the bracelets is 'rudraksha'. A seed from a tree that grows in tropical regions of the world; worshipped in India as the 'eye of Shiva', this bead cocoons you in your own energy. It too is porous and will absorb essential oils, they may slightly darken over time.

Gemstones! Each piece is made in store by Vicky with a range of gemstones, Buddha heads, evil eye charms, starsign tokens - meaning you can custom order a bracelet or necklace for you and your loved ones.

Particularly at the moment, Vicky is finding jewellery to be a 'thing of comfort', deciding which pieces to wear each morning depending on what kind of values or light or expansion she wishes to invite to the day. Handmade jewellery can be really meaningful; all the pieces in our lovely store are made with loving intention for you to enjoy and reharmonise.

How do I care for my beads?

Best not to shower or bathe with them, they absorb small amounts of water too and if you want them to last, care for it; treat it gently. The beads will diffuse for one to two days depending how much essential oil you add to them; one or two drops is more than enough.


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