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Homeopathy a Change Agent To Help You Connect To A New You

Have you ever wondered to yourself why do I keep attracting into my life the same type of partner, or why do I manifest this pattern of always giving my power away to others, or why am I always the one that is responsible for and looking after others? Why does this always happen to me(and you fill in the blank)?

Chances are very likely that you have set up this self-limiting pattern(whatever it is) from your early childhood experiences or modelled it on one of your parents. Sometimes it may even be an intergenerational pattern transmitted through to you from one of your ancestors. It is great if these patterns serve you in your life but if they don't and if they keep you from manifesting and living the life you want- one by design, then you may need to reassess the way you go about your life and start doing things differently but the question is how? We have all tried to change something about ourselves at different times, sometimes by will and other times through different healing modalities and therapists....and often very little if anything changes and we get frustrated and disheartened and may just give up and try to live with ourselves as we are.

Our patterns are not just physical, mental and emotional but live as energetic imprints on our aura. We carry our energetic imprints like a suit on our body and via the law of attraction we keep recreating similar events and circumstances in our lives. It takes an energy-based healing modality to shift things at that level. Energy medicines such as homeopathy vibrate and resonate at this level- at the level of energy, information and consciousness.

Homeopathic remedies come from nature- from plant, animal and mineral sources and are prepared in a very unique way(unique to only homeopathy) that release the subtle yet very powerful vibrational forces,that if correctly selected by an intuitive homeopathic practitioner, can be curative to that individual. Every substance in nature also has it's unique pattern or energy signature and vibrates at a unique vibration or consciousness. Homeopathy is then simply a matching of similar patterns between the source(remedy) and the person needing it.

So are you a perfectionist, a 'do gooder', a conflict avoider, a controller, a self-sacrificer? Is it working for you? No, then there is something that can help you shift out of your familiar orbit....Homeopathy!

Book in and have a session with a classical homeopath. They will journey in deep with you into you, your life and your patterns. Through the process and the session with your intuitive homeopath you will gain more insight and awareness into yourself and how you operate by default and with the support of the accurate, individualized homeopathic remedy you will over time begin to see changes, old patterns being questioned and dissolving and you will have the freedom and choice to begin stepping into and creating the new you and a world of new possibilities......Andrew

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