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Creating Mantra

Our journeys are sprinkled with signs, meaning, connections and challenges. These sign’s could be close together or spaced apart. Sign’s and meaning can be found in the written word, our relationships, nature or a wandering meditation. How are you receiving theses signs? Are you aware? Are you stepping into your pathway of growth? Or are you currently in a restorative moment in time? Are you receiving information in your ego of all knowing or your humble aspect of student? At times we could think, ‘I’ve already heard or learnt that’, yet there could be a significance as to why you’re receiving these messages again. Even to be seen as a gentle reminder. Then what we do with this message remains an exercise in our choice of free will.

How we are receptive to messages into our emotional body and our philosophical perspective, plays a significance as to how we use the messages. After all, if it bombards us and truly resonates we hopefully pause for a moment and seek the honesty and truth within, right? Facilitating letting go of the ego.

Creating this piece of art was a penny drop moment, clarity and cohesion of my pathway forward, a feeling of invincibility and super-powers to continue along my pathway of learning and growing in my own flow. The messages for myself vibrated all around me during this process and assisted with perceptive ethereal growth, flow and peace. My art, for myself is a service to myself, a celebration, a reminder, a knitting of knowledge and relevance. Are you stepping into this importance of service to yourself and your own expansion? How does that look for you?

The ‘I am’ mantra is a powerful affirmation. Speaking in conversation and casting spells, you are creating a position of who you are and where you are coming from. It has the potential to hold you in a deeply low or resonantly high vibration. Trust and belief in ourselves is a kind gift to ourselves and an inspiration to others. There is time, a moment and space to be kind gifting ourselves with a break or pause. This is a human experience after all.

Part of our life journey is to remember why we came here. Whether it’s angels, mermaids, witches or valkyries that are present in these cards bringing you a message, remember all you have to do is ask. At any time, in any place.

In moments we, in tune with the universe leave bread crumbs for ourselves. Take a conscious beat to leave a bread crumb for your future self.


* Each card comes with it’s own unique ‘I Am’ affirmation. Canvas prints are available in store or made to order. All ‘I Am’ affirmation cards are available via the Wizard Nomad Etsy space, soon to be available in store!!! They are also available as prints in various sizes.

Instagram@wizardnomad, @marc_gates_

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