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Cleanse and clearing of your tarot cards

New or old tarot cards, the options are easy.

Some readers don’t cleanse and clear their cards. There are some that do believe the energy of their tarot cards can get sticky and need a refresh. Either of course is fine and you shall know and feel what is best for your own.

In the tradition of tarot, one of the only ways you could obtain tarot cards was to be gifted them. Items of the wealthy, and most decks were commissioned. If you are gifted a deck of tarot cards it could be an idea to cleanse them at first. They may need re-awakening or re-energising, depending on how long they have sat unused or untouched.

Some readers prefer that only they themselves touch and handle the cards, in which case they may cleanse if someone else had handled them. Others may even ask their client to shuffle the tarot cards to put their energy into them. With a physical connection with the cards established, it gives them another element of responsibility towards their reading. Most people won’t generally touch someone else’s tarot deck without asking first. Create your choice, create a boundary. As long as people ask it can be ok, or you can politely ask people to refrain from touching them.

If you feel a dis-connect from your cards, maybe you haven’t picked them up for a while, or maybe you feel like the energy around them and/or recent readings have been consistently cloudy or somewhat less positive a cleanse or new intention is in order. Aim to set an intention of whom you are inviting to read for.

How to Cleanse your cards?

  • Knock knock - Simply knock on the deck a few times to wake them up.

  • Re-shuffle - Re-shuffle them. It’s a great way to connect and put your energy back into them.

  • Crystals - Connecting a crystal to your deck can cleanse it. Other benefits of a crystal are that they can absorb, cleanse, ground, and even amplify the energy to your tarot cards.

  • Singing bowls - Cleansing by frequency, sound can newly attune your cards as well as you!

  • Sun and Moon - The vibrant energy of the sun is awakening and the power of the full moon can bring a fresh energy to the cards by leaving them in either light for a period of time.

  • Incense and smudging - This being one of the most popular methods. Using incense or sage. Take your time. Open them up and cleanse between them. Hold them in your hand over the smoke for a moment.

If it is something you decide to do, enjoy it. It is an awakening process. Mix it up with the examples given or find your own way. As you talk to more readers feel free to ask them about their rituals.

- Wizard Nomad

As much as you will learn the card interpretations. Tarot is also about using yo

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