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Change is as good as a holiday: the shift from 3rd to 5th dimension.

Updated: May 31, 2022

All this discussion fluttering around the wellness revolution circles in respect to the earth transitioning from 3rd to 4th to 5th density is just esoteric….isn’t it?

Actually, not quite. Astro Scientists have been following this phenomenal shift for many decades now. It has been established that our entire milky way cosmos is experiencing the same shifting, warming, brightening and awakening as Earth/Terra.

That’s not quite right, we are experiencing warming due to the global warming climate change, it is all our contribution, that’s what we are told. The companies that package our food use plastics and other toxic substances that cause an ill effect on the environment, as well as our vehicles (petroleum companies have long brought the patents for clean energy cars and kept them hidden), people consume from packaged products and dispose the waste, so it is only the people’s fault that we have waste and global warming…..wait a minute that is nonsensical!

1987 was a momentous year that marked the beginning of humanity’s ascension, rebirth and shift into the Fourth Dimension. 1987’s Harmonic Convergence also marked the beginning of our sun’s direct alignment with the center of our Milky Way Galaxy. This very rare cosmic event has been exposing our whole solar system to intense rounds of “torsion wave” energy. Many believe this newly discovered energy source emanating from the Galactic Center is activating our DNA and setting in motion The Great Shift long prophesied by many indigenous traditions, including the Mayan, Incan, Hopi and Vedic.

Mayan timekeeper's records indicate that 2012 marks the close of several large cycles of time: a 26,000 year Mayan Calendar cycle, a 78,000 year Earth cycle, a 26 million year Earth cycle and the 225 million Galactic Year. The simultaneous close of these cycles in 2012 is like the odometer turning over for the entire history of our galaxy, and perhaps the whole cosmos. It is a moment when humanity, Planet Earth, the Milky Way Galaxy and perhaps all of creation is expected to take a simultaneous leap in evolution.

A deeper scientific dive into our cosmic neighbour's unveils:

• The Sun’s magnetic field is more than 230 % stronger than it was at the start of the 1900’s. (NASA)

Venus is now glowing in the dark.

Earth’s surface in the 1960’s grew in dimmer by 4-6%. In 1994 it began to brighten, during 30 years the ice caps have thinned out by 40%. In 1997 the structure of the Earth shifted from an egg-shape at the poles to a more flattened pumpkin shape.

Mars’ ice caps mostly melted within one year, causing 50% changes in surface and atmospheric density rose by 200% since 1997.

Jupiter’s magnetic field has doubled since 1992. The planet is so energised it visibly glows in the dark the shape of a donut tube encircling its moon, Lo.

Saturn’s polar regions have been noticeably brighter, magnetic field strength is increasing and the speed of its clouds at the equator reduced by 58.2 % in rotation between 1980- 1996.

Uranus was recorded by NASA in 1999 to be hit by massive storms and has undergone a recent (article published in 2012) pole shifts 60 degrees and 50 degrees for Neptune.

Neptune has become 40 % brighter since 1996. Triton, Neptune’s moon, has increased percentage of atmospheric pressure and temperatures comparable to Earth of =5.5 degrees Celsius.

Pluto has experienced a 300 % increase in atmospheric pressure since in the last 24 years and has become darker in colour.

Our cosmic pocket is experiencing the same phenomenon. So all the happenings, opinions and narratives on Earth are only from global warming, or is there something else behind it? I 100% believe it imperative to continue our goal to minimize rubbish, sustainable living and caring for our mother Earth. However, where does this pressure need to be established?

In our day to day lives each of us can participate.

Pressure and taxes on companies that continue to use plastic and non biodegradable wrap, packaging.

Refrain from: shaming and blaming the consumer for accumulating rubbish chosen for use by these companies.

If companies were charged the new taxes that are proposed for the consumer in regards to ‘climate change’, it would tip the scales towards a balance rather than tear further into the divide.

Is it time to release the contrived narrative of half truths about climate change? Let go of shaming our global family that holds a different belief. Open the heart and mind to create an opportunity to step into the discovery and awareness that our entire solar system is heating up. What is the solution to side step/cast away fear and anxiety that is consistently slung our way in respect to ‘climate change’ or is it ‘the shift from 3rd density to 5th density as scientists have been speaking about since the early 1980’s.

Ancient and original people hold historical knowledge of Mother Earth’s history in their stories, glyphs, symbols, traditional dances, natural cures, oral histories and devotion to sacred sites. Each ancient culture and religion tells the story of a flood, a saviour and an arc, each arc is described differently. Pyramids are found all around the world, even here in Australia, we have the Gympie pyramid which when tested resonates at a different energy frequency, similar to the other pyramids found all over our wondrous Earth. If we truly are up for a shake up on Earth with cosmic warming in our milky way, continuing to feed our energy towards puppeteer mouth pieces which present as ill prepared theater performers but nonetheless take up so much time, energy and awareness with ½ truths and growing taxes to maintain fear, cloudiness of the mind and confusion to the point of compliance.

The energy of half-truths, fear, shaming, un forgiveness, hatred, bitterness, sickness, control, manufactured anxiety and poverty keeps one housed in the old and trailing 3rd density thought patterns that lay the energetic foundations and sign posts of this reality.

The opportunity, possibility of growth, expansion, love, acceptance, freedom, truth, understanding and education of our innate gifts, leads to the awareness and energies that reside in the 5th density

or dimensional space.

Where would you like to reside?

Which energy are you actively feeding in your daily life?

Do you create your own reality or follow the one set/encouraged/dictated from family, friends, colleges, self, politicians or idols?

If your energy is set to the dial of pleasing others, you will find little left for yourself to make positive changes for your own being.

Are you ready and solid in yourself to step out of line, be seen as different, lead the way as an inspiration, first for yourself, then for others?

Are you ready to rise above stealing/using towards being in service/generous (to help others when your cup is full), judgment towards acceptance (both are reflection of how you feel about yourself), cruelty and control towards peace and understanding (how do you value the structure of order and flow?).

All require boundaries which can stem from either:

kindness, love, freedom, truth and support, 5th density


cruelty, suffering, control, judgment and fear, 3rd density

If you are choosing to get to know yourself, love yourself, accept yourself, speak your truth and find forgiveness in yourself and others we welcome you from the 3rd or 4th density to join your tribe who are patiently waiting for all to assist in the expansiveness and understanding that consolidates the shift into the 5th harmonic density.

Together we can repair, recover, and renew when presented with the truth. Work towards unified solutions that leave the shaming, taxing and blaming of the human race in the past. We are all required and responsible to discover the true effects on our planet and our cosmic neighbour's, to ensure the most wonderful outcome for our coming generations on earth and beyond.

If you would like more information, tools and understanding spark up a conversation. We at Tongue and Tonic, like many centers assisting in the wellness revolution to the 5th density living, hold classes, workshops, circles and private sessions to guide you in your journey. Isolation is for the 3rd, in the 5th we are committed to support, unity and guidance.

Sending love, light and warmth to all.


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