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Reclaimed Aust Timber & Gem Stone Lamps Large - USB Cord

Reclaimed Aust Timber & Gem Stone Lamps Large - USB Cord

These stunning LED, with dimmer featured lights are Aust sourced with reclaimed Australian timber featuring and highlighting raw beautiful Gemstones.  These are on the larger size (with smaller sizes available in store). 


These one off peices can be used as night lights, harmony lights and mood lights to create your choice atmosphere in your space.  Citrine is highly reccomended for any work space as it brings forth a vibration of abundance it also cleanses space and all chakras in your space lending space for new creativity and joy to flood in.  Amethyst is harmonious, uplifting, assists connection to your intuitive self and allows in positive movement to step into the best version of yourself. 



Height: 24 cm

Width: 8.5-9cm


Available with Amethyst (Purple) or Citrine (Yellow)



*Powerful protective stone

*Transmutes energy into love

*Enhances higher states of consciousness

*Assists with overcoming addictions/obsessions

*Awakens spiritual insight

*Aids goal setting

*Balances hormones, endocrine system and metabolism.

*Assists cleansing

*Relieves physical, emotional and psychological pain




*Cleanser and Regenerator

*Embodies the power of the sun

*Warming, energizing & boosts creativity

*Absorbs negative, transmutes, dissipates and grounds negative energy

*Activates all chakra’s especially solar plexus, navel chakras and crown.


*Creativity, self-esteem, self- confidence & self-expression

*Reverse degenerative disease, stimulates digestion

*Negates infections in kidneys and bladder, increases blood circulation, balances thymus and Thyroid.

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