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Libra Zodiac Crystals

Libra Zodiac Crystals

Sep 24 - Oct 23


Planet - Venus

Element - Air


Traits: - Balanced. Gentle, Sociable, Indecisive, Affectionate, artistic and Romantic.


Based on modern, traditional and ancient wisdom these three crystals have been selected to compliment as well as enhance your zodiac traits.


Agate - Is calming, balancing and stabalising in the face of chaos. Encourages communication and creativity.


Black Obsidian - Good for protection. Changing habits, grounding and balancin. Helps heal suppressed emotions.


Citrine - Supportive in decision making, grounding energy, helps to absorb any negative energy and anchor a floaty Libran energy to the earth.


Enjoy your crystals and may they guide and help you in your life.





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