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I love you Aroma and Crystal Therapy Bracelet

I love you Aroma and Crystal Therapy Bracelet


Sweet and Heartfelt house made aroma and crystal therapy bracelet.   Choose you size and crystal and we will cater to your vibe and size.  All bracelets include rudraksha beads to hold scent.  Use any essential oil on these porous rudraksha beads to gentle absorb into your pulse point bringing forth the earth medicine you require to achieve balance.  Check out essential oil combinations for ideas and healing solutions. 


Crystals all hold vibration and can assist the wearer to step up and into a vibration to suit your forward movement or provide assistance for your daily challengers. 


Rose Quartz - Heart space, cleansing, calm.

Mookaite Aust Jasper - Grounding, nuturing, earth connection

Dalmation Jasper -  Trust, grounding , playful

Amethyst - 3rd eye opening, intuition, angel connection

Peridot - Cleansing, release, new journey

Tiger's Eye - Creative, grounding, solar plexis chakra

Rhodinite - Heart connection to loved ones and self.


All bracelets are made with Tigers tail beading wire with clasp

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