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Crystal Grid Mediation

Crystal Grid Mediation

Be guided by Jemima. 


The Crystal Grid network lights up when transition is completed to the light timeline.  The Crystal Grid network is a direct link to Source or the Universal Energy's happiest place :) By connecting to this energy you can:


*Increase your Vibration

*Awaken and Cleanse your Being

*Increase your mainifold of manifestation


There is a strong focus on the use of Chakra's.  Techniques such as placing conditioning of cleansing, seed planting or re-energising on automatic will assist with your own mediations, mantra's, affirmations, body, mind and spiritual connection. 


Seven Crystals are used in this meditation.  You will venture into the auric plane for these vibrational Gem, it may help some to hold these crystals.  The Crystal mentioned in this meditation are:


*Root Chakra: Mookaite Jasper (Choosen due to our location, if you are in a different location choose your local Jasper). 

*Sacral: Carnelian

*Solar: Citrine

*Heart: Fuschite or Amazonite or Grossite

*Throat: Blue Calcite

*Third Eye: Amethyst

*Crown: Clear Quartz


Feel free to choose your own Chakra Crystals, it is reccomended that the crown chakra crystal remains as clear quartz. 


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