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Citrine Clarity Tower

Citrine Clarity Tower


Stunning Natural Citrine tower generator.  The tower, with point generates energy upwards and then can be programmed to then distribute that energy however you choose, depending on where you place your tower.  


The properties of Citrine are:



*Cleanser and Regenerator

*Embodies the power of the sun

*Warming, energizing & boosts creativity

*Absorbs negative, transmutes, dissipates and grounds negative energy

*Activates all chakra’s especially solar plexus, navel chakras and crown.


*Creativity, self-esteem, self- confidence & self-expression

*Reverse degenerative disease, stimulates digestion

*Negates infections in kidneys and bladder, increases blood circulation, balances thymus and Thyroid.


Size of tower:

H : 8.5cm

W: 3cm

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