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Chakra Aroma and Crystal Therapy Bracelet

Chakra Aroma and Crystal Therapy Bracelet

Aroma and Crystal therapy bracelets are made in house.  

Attune your vibration of healing to your chakra's, strengthan your healing with a matching chakra oil to launch your healing from our channeled essential oil chakra spray and oil range. A little dab of essential oil on your rudraksha beads will absorb into your pulse point to enhance your healing journey. 


Crown Chakra - Clear quartz (clarity), Larimer (communication), Rudraksha

Third Eye - Amethyst (insight), Hematite (grounding), Rudraksha (blance) 

Throat - Sodalite (communication), Lapis (peace), kynite (cleansing), Rudruksha (balance)

Heart - Serpentine (earth love), Malakite (courage), aurite (joy), Rudruksha (balance)

Solar - Tigers eye (strength), garnet ( p u r i f y ), Rhodenite (connect), hematite (calm), rudruksha (balance)

Sacral - carneliam (empowerment), mookaite (nurture), Rudruksha (balance)

Root - Red coral (focus), Jasper (nurture), Agate (grounding), Rudruksha (balance)


Small size - 19 cm

Medium size - 22cm

Custom - as required

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