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Capricorn Zodiac Crystals

Capricorn Zodiac Crystals

Dec 22 - Jan 20


Planet - Saturn

Element - Earth


Traits: - Satble, Independent, Hard-working, Fair, Honest, Rational, Serious and logical.


Based on modern, traditional and ancient wisdom these three crystals have been selected to compliment as well as enhance your zodiac traits.


Black Tourmailine - Provides protection during times of uncertainty. Both grounding and calming for the sometimes overly industrious Capricorn energy. 


Red Tigers eye - Amplifies the energy to radiate a sense of vitality, confidence and motivation.


Smokey Quartz - Removes negativity so that you move forward fresh and grounded. It also inveils transformative pathways.


Enjoy your crystals and may they guide and help you in your life.`


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