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Pisces  Zodiac Crystals

Pisces Zodiac Crystals

Feb 20 - March 20





Traits: - Sensitive, Friendly, Affectionate, Gentle, Patient, Easy-going, Emotional and giving.


Based on modern, traditional and ancient wisdom these three crystals have been selected to compliment as well as enhance your zodiac traits.


Amethyst - Gives stability, strenght and invigoration. Reduces stress. Brings inner peace contentment and higher spirituality.


Blue Agate - Stabilising and calming, perfect to calm the piscean when emotions are high. Best used to help communicate wth yourself and others as you reflect on the past and looking towards the future.


Labradorite - Great stone for a water sign. Protects your aura during times of high emotional and creative energy. Use also for reflection, transformation and intuition. 


Enjoy your crystals and may they guide and help you in your life.





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