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Leo Zodiac Crystals

Leo Zodiac Crystals

July 24 - August 23


Planet - Sun

Element - Fire


Traits: - Ambitious, Outgoing, Confident, Generous, Humorous, Positive, Strong and Independent.


Based on modern, traditional and ancient wisdom these three crystals have been selected to compliment as well as enhance your zodiac traits.


Howlite - Aids communication. Helps you to connect with your dreams. Promotes creativity and clarity of thought.


Carnelian - Balance and grounding, passion and physical vitality. Encourages a creative outlet for emotions as well as promoting healthy boundaries.


Pyrite - A stone of protection and prosperity. Resonates with the Leo sun and vitality energy. Helps to deflect negativity from your space.


Enjoy your crystals and may they guide and help you in your life.





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