Jasmine Morning Star Incense

Jasmine Morning Star Incense

Traditional Japanese style Nippon Kodo MORNING STAR INCENSE. 50 delicate, bamboo-free sticks plus a small ceramic burning tile in each pack.


New to Japanese incense?

Place one end of the stick in the small burning tile included in each pack of Morning Star incense, placed in a heat proof bowl to catch the ash (or use an incense burner suitable for Japanese incense - even a bowl of sand or earth will work). Ignite the incense stick by lighting the tip with a match or lighter and wait until it burns an even red. Blow out the flame and allow the aromatic smoke to waft gently through the room.

The stick will extinguish itself when it reaches the end - dispose of ash once cooled. Never leave lit incense or candles unattended.

NOTE RE BURNERS: As Japanese incense does not have a bamboo inner stick, these sticks will NOT work with Indian incense box burners or ashcatchers that require the bamboo to be inserted into a hole in the burner. Morning Star Japanese incense comes with a small burning tile in each pack - just sit in a heatproof bowl which will catch the falling ash. Alternately there are a number of different styles of burners that are suitable for Japanese incense - see our JAPANESE INCENSE section.

HINT: Japanese incense tends to have less smoke than traditional Indian incense: if you want a stronger scent just burn a couple of sticks at a time.