Citrus Lift Bath Salt

Citrus Lift Bath Salt

Muscle Melt Bath Salt contains:


*Rose Geranium






The Ritual


Measure 2 tablespoons to pour into your running bath. for those experience body pain or desiring an extreme cleanse, double this amount. Choose a washer or towel to roll up and place behind your neck as a little pillow. Bring your book if you like, you can read a little or set a timer to meditation bells if you have any meditation apps OR listen to your breathing while the essential oils and salts work their magic.


Soak your body, mind, soul for at least 20 min, the longer the better :)


*Options can contain Himalayan Salt, Magnesium or both Himalaya Salt + Magnesium.


  • A Product made by us.

    Our bath salt products are made using Australian souced products and are made with intention and care for a humanbeings', Wellbeing. 

    All of our essential oils in our bath salts are pure essential oils. Our product ingredients are included on each product. If you are allergic to a specific essential oil please refrain from using the product that contains that oil, as allergies can lead to skin irritations.