Zodiac Rudraksha Scent Bracelet

Zodiac Rudraksha Scent Bracelet


Zodiac Rudraksha Scent Bracelets -


Medium Bead Size.

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Rudraksha beads absorb scent, stabilize the mind and enhance concentration, balance the vital forces in your body and create a cocoon of your own energy around you.


Simply add a drop of an essential oil you love to the beads and enjoy!


Handmade in store the bracelets act as a personal aromatherapy diffuser; your very own piece of theraputic jewellery.


Specs: Threaded on elastic thread with metal spacers.

Custom orders upon request. Being made of an earthly element, we recommend placing your jewellery carefully aside before you shower or bathe.


*beads may vary from those shown in the image*