Apache Tears Wire Wrap Necklace

Apache Tears Wire Wrap Necklace

Apache Tears wire wrap necklace hand-crafted in a black wire made with love and intention. Custom wire wrap necklaces available in bronze, black, silver and gold wire colours - Please enquire regarding custom wrapping crystals of your choice.


*Aluminium wire helps to protect wearer from EMF.


Crystal characteristic and qualities of Apache Tears;

*Semi precious mineral obsidian with volcanic minerals

*Apache tears have a special connection to the mythology of the Apache culture and the ability to recover from grief

*Brings up negativity from deep within the etheric and emotional body, in a slow and gentle way, thenallowing for safe transmutation

*Excellent for aura cleansing, absorbing negativity and protecting the energy body from unwanted vibrations, energies and entities

*Will help you recognize dangerous  situations before they are upon you