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What can Reiki do for you?

What can Reiki do for you anyway? How does it actually work?

Reiki can assist with unresolved emotional issues, blocked energy, feelings of stagnation or feeling stuck, anxiety, depression and many other health issues.

How so?

Well, allow me to explain in a little more depth.

We understand that everything is made up of matter and everything vibrates at a certain frequency.

Mother Earth vibrates at the same frequency as unconditional love and our bodies which are made of earth, like to resonate with the earth's natural frequency too as this helps the body to function optimally and keep us free from "dis-ease". Often this natural frequency in our electro-magnetic field is referred to as "consciousness".

When the body and all of its parts and systems are in harmony and resonate with each other or vibrate at this natural frequency, then we can have strong communication within ourselves, between our minds, body and essence however when the lines of communication are disrupted by our "energy" diet which isn’t always in alignment, the body doesn't function as well and loses the amazing ability it has to heal itself.

An energy diet in case you are wondering is everything we take in. This includes but is not limited to food, other people's energy that we take on, what we watch, the air we breath, the thoughts we have on loop, memories, beliefs and programming of the past - EVERYTHING.

We tend to store the negative energy diet we consume in our bodies over time and we end up with our bodies in dissonance with our preferred natural resonance. When there is conflicting energy stored in the body, our instrument that we need to be a human on this earth is out of tune or not in harmony. Not ideal for optimal health and well-being.

When we receive channelled reiki energy the energy is channelled through the practitioner and goes to wherever the body needs it to go, in order to become more resonant with it's preferred and optimal natural vibration. Our bodies have innate wisdom and as the channelled energy is guided in, the body will decide what stored, unwanted energy needs to be released and when, in order for it to heal itself.

When the unwanted stored energy is released, healing occurs on a physical as well as emotional and mental level and the body begins functioning as Mother Nature intended. Ahhhh!

Cool ha?

After a reiki session, your energy can feel like it flows better, you feel more connected, centred and you can feel lighter and more relaxed. It is also a great way to connect to your body's own intuition.

Think of it like some servicing or a tune up for your energy body.

Reiki energy also vibrates at the same frequency as unconditional love and our preferred natural state of being. During a session your body will come into resonance with the reiki energy the same way it would when walking outdoors in fresh air and around nature.

If you resonated with this post, maybe it's time to book a few sessions to get your body firing on all cylinders and into its natural state of flow.

Honour yourself and your body giving it the space it needs to heal it's wonderful self and move towards a more centred, grounded, strong and interconnected YOU.

It would be my honour to guide your body to heal itself.

Melissa - Feather rock Healing and Rituals

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