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Welcome to Taurus Season!

Taurus is characterised by the bull, a sign of strength and steadiness as well as luxury and

enjoyment. Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac and the ruler of the second house and governed

by the planet Venus. The typical Taurus being a fixed Earth Sign enjoys comfort, physical pleasures

and material goods. Taureans enjoy a good meal and the finer things in life and like to surround

themselves with that which brings them comfort. They enjoy tender, sensual touch and soothing


Taureans have a strong resolve and will not easily change their mind, especially if it is just to please

someone else. Having said that, they will change their mind if they have a change of heart. They are

intelligent, ambitious and trustworthy. Some other traits of a Taurean include being loyal, stable,

strong, affectionate, solid, faithful, generous, modest and dignified. They tend to move away from

dramatic relationships and value honesty and integrity in their friends, colleagues and partners.

The Tarot card related to Taurus is the Hierophant which represents the duty to teach and

represents transforming the physical experience into the spiritual. It is important for them to delve

into and experience all of the physical senses as an anchored experience. Essentially finding spiritual meaning through the physical experience. The Hierophant can be resistant to change – getting stuck in belief and conformity, so the important lesson for Taurus is the transition from physical to spiritual.

Current energy - the main message of the Taurus Solar Eclipse on April 30 is to be still, present and

grounded whilst preparing for blessings, abundance and miracles.

New moon affirmation for Taurus: I will applaud myself for how far I have come. I will love

myself for being me. I will value myself: With this New Moon I honor myself. I honor my

needs and desires. I honor my talents and capabilities. I’m grateful for all blessings life

has given me. I thank Mother Earth.

Crystals and essential oils

Based on modern, traditional and ancient wisdom, the following crystals have been selected to

complement as well as enhance your zodiac traits:

Onyx – Eliminates fears of new things /change or losing what you have.

Aventurine- Taurus energy represents wanting the very best of everything. This crystal will help you

find a way to obtain these things in abundance.

Rose Quartz – strongly associated with Taurus because of its gentle loving energy and ability to help

you be more compassionate.

Reminder: natural herbal remedies work better in synergy, just like we do. Choose 2-4 scents

intuitively, mix and use in a bath, oil burner, diffuser, on your pillow, on your person, or just smell at

intervals through your day. The following essential oils can be used to help compliment Taurean


Ylang Ylang essential oil embodies the Taurean love of luxury and earthly pleasures.

Vetiver essential oil is perfect for keeping Taurus calm and centred and connected to nature.

Lemon essential oil can work to bring flexibility to the Taurus, increasing mental clarity and focus,

and helping to eliminate negativity.

Sage Essential Oil can help to steer Taureans away from negative emotions and thoughts when their strong will is tested, clarifying the mind while balancing and uplifting the mood.

Uplifting and soothing rose essential oil can help the hardworking Taurus to unwind and connect

with their more passionate side.

Taking time to nurture, care, support and accept your Taurus energy will assist in your flow, forward movement and inward connection and understanding of yourself.

Enjoy Taurus season

P.s...Taurus rules!

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