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Welcome to Aries season

Star Sign - Aries

The understanding that we resonate with many star signs in relation to our chart breakdown is a consideration when looking inward to understand ourselves. Your sun, moon, rising, Venus or Mars may be in Aries. This blog will assist with an overall understanding of your Aries element in your chart in relation to:

  • Deep self-connections

  • How to nurture

  • Rituals that assist with harmony and peace

  • Crystals and scents to assist with balance

Deep Self-Connections: Incarnating with elements of Aries.

With Aries in your chart you are certain to have some get and go. This Cardinal Fire sign is creative, adventurous, inspiring, strong and self-aware. All negative associated traits are just traits to overcome or a road map for challenges along your journey of purpose and growth. The energy of an Aries is related to the root chakra. The energy of the root chakra is destabilized when inadequate support systems are in place. Recognise that this is just a program. Time to take initiative and positive activation for your own internal program.


Mantra – for positive and lasting results take the time daily to eye gaze with yourself while repeating thrice:

I nourish, support and celebrate my physical, emotion, ethereal energetic self by drawing in the element of mother earth. I allow this elemental energy to fill, sooth, ground and support me as I cruise through my day.

Fire is a strong and vibrant element to be housed in your chart. Fire requires tending and attention to obtain a positive focus of light, vibrancy, forward movement and inspirational gentle crackling of creativity and imagination. Tools for winding down, grounding and a positive sleep ritual all assist the even flow of warmth distribution leaving behind erratic fiery outbursts. Cardinal energy is related to Aries being placed at the change of season. To ensure a smooth change of seasonal elemental energy requires simple acknowledgment of transition - all transition requires patience, forgiveness and understanding of the self to enhance flow of forward movement.

A Ritual to assist with harmony and peace.


Aim: To quell the fire by focus of gentle and even distribution for warmth over the burn.

Useful in times: that you seek more peace and balance, winding down before bed/rest.

Method: Place your hands on your root chakra and begin to breathe. Allow your energy to all gently flow back into your auric field. Set an intention for your energy to flow evenly through your auric field.

Take a moment to feel into your energy.

Open up your root chakra to thank and draw in nurturing energy from mother earth. The cooling, nourishing supportive energy from our elemental mother assists in harmony and calm energy distribution. Allow this energy to draw through your being until you feel an overflowing. Send out your overflow to loved ones. Loved ones ready to receive will appear as themselves or distant lights of energy that are connected to you. Stay in this blissful state as long as you need for clarity.

Crystals and Scent.

Crystals can be used in daily practice; travel with us through our day, keep us company whilst asleep and as aids during meditation. Crystals that relate to the root chakra and Aries are:

Unakite, Carnelian, Aventurine, Red Jasper, Red Calcite, Red Onyx, Mookaite, Jasper, Agate, Petrified wood, Nundoorite, Haematite, Red Tigers Eye, Tigers Iron, Citrine and Smokey Quartz.

Scent or the aroma from the earth assists with the communication and connection of physical and ethereal energy. Scent tool examples are essential oils, incense, resins, bathing scent and natural perfumes. To nourish the root chakra and Aries energy any scent that births from the earth as well as those considered as a base note, earthy and cooling.

Frankincense, Vetiver, Valerian, Buddha wood, Hyssop, Bergamot, Cedar, Sandalwood, Cypress, Pine, Ylang Ylang, Neroli, Geranium, Eucalyptus and Peppermint. *Reminder: natural herbal remedies work better in synergy, just like we do. Choose 2-4 scents intuitively, mix and use in a bath, oil burner, diffuser, on your pillow, on your person, or just smell at intervals through your day.

Taking time to nurture, care, support and accept your Aries fire will assist in your flow, forward movement and inward connection and understanding of yourself. A true understanding and comfort in yourself radiates out of your being signalling to those around you how you would like to be treated. Look within to establish kindness traveling towards you from others.

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