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Tongue and Tonic’s Contribution towards an Eco Elsternwick

A couple of years ago I became concerned, in regards to, the quality of food that I was feeding

myself and my children. What were we really eating? Was that just purely an apple? Were there

chemicals used in the process? Was it picked before it had time to fully absorb maximum nutrients?

My research brought me to tears, I could no longer consciously feed my children so many

detrimental chemicals. I couldn’t afford organic food so I began to soak my vegetables in salt or bi-

carb soda for up to an hour, wash them and put them away, this can cleanse up to 80% of the

chemicals used to grow non-organic fruit and vegetables.

I then began to grow my own food, and my boys began to become more interested in eating

healthy, as it was suddenly ‘DELICIOUS now Mummy!’ We spent much time in the garden discussing when the vegetables may be ready, trying things before they were as an experiment and letting other things go to seed naturally.

Many decades ago I had joined the eco pathway to minimise waste. On that journey I considered

what I could do as an individual. As a health practitioner, group facilitator and public speaker I was able to weave my eco life journey into my work practices.

Upon opening Tongue and Tonic last year in March I merged together all my passions of homemade

products, supporting local artists, makers, jewellers; providing natural supportive healthcare with

affordable options and now launching further our growing Organic Eco Dried Food Jar exchange

program to reduce waste with ease.

I believe that organic food should just be called ‘food’. And it should be affordable to all. How can we create this? I am happy to share and wholly encourage individuals to create their own community co-ops. Terra Madre, (where we source ½ of our organic food products) have launched a wholesale that is open to everyone...however you do need to buy a minimum of 5kgs at one time.

If you can’t commit to buying in bulk you are welcome to join us and help to create a more

sustainable Elsternwick. We have decided to use glass as it is hygienic, useful, does not impact the

taste of food in storage and is a positive recyclable product. We package the dried food in jars, you

pay for the jar and the food. When you are ready for a refill: you keep your own lid, and return the

jar, which we sterilise and re-use. When you return your Jar (we will deduct the cost off your next

purchase, or you can keep the jar…) that you purchased from our store the cost of your product is

minus the jar...or you can keep your jar, because let’s face it jars are handy!

Taking on the degradation done to the environment is too heavy a burden for any one person to

bear. However, in small ways we can make big differences.

We are here offering a positive solution that has low impact, with a minor win for a person or family home. Yes, you will need to be more careful because glass breaks. Taking the time to pause and be more mindful in the kitchen is also a positive emotional health win, meditative and positive re-enforcement for those who look up to us and are guided by us. Are you ready to take the step?

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