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The Spirit of a Crystal.

A Concept for your Brain or your Intuitive Self?

The physical elements of a crystal have mass, they have weight, can be felt, may feel anchoring or uplifting. The colour and clarity carries resonance of origin, preparation and fused companionship with sometimes one other or many other crystals.

Magic of a crystal lies beyond its physical manifestation, housed deeply within, often in slumber, quietly and gently resonating like a beacon to those that seek balance within. Awakening your crystal, talking to your crystal and regularly cleansing your crystal lights up its aura, its nymph or sprite energy to dance and wield its true manifesting intentions that assist and accompany you in your growth journey forward.

This sprite energy exists in lighter multi-dimensional energy that links to yours and others lighter multi-dimensional energy. Lift your shroud, expand your mind and look with your third eye to see these energies protecting, supporting, connecting, nourishing, grounding, strengthening, awakening, invigorating and calming.

As we shake off what we are told and seek the truth of what we know, we manifest the key to create our own reality. We have the ability to wake from the slumber like a crystal allowing all of our inner sprites to access, journey and enjoy the multi-dimensional reality that now is within our reach.

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