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The Aura of Everything.

Most crystal auras are easy to establish. They are the aura of themselves as they present. Meaning their colour that you see often resonates with the corresponding chakra or aura colour emanating from them. For example, Red Jasper links to the sacral or root chakra, with a soft orange or red aura useful for connecting with the earth, grounding, supporting and healing the psychical body and then linking (as the internal energetic matrix spins as well as loops) to the ethereal charka’s and beyond.

Traditional Chinese Medical philosophy and medical tomes explore, establish and connect our yin, conception and yang, governing meridians. A network of energetic pathways that correlate directly with the chakra system linking and intertwining, through our organs, where our emotional spirits reside and traverse our inner being and energetic field. Emotions, actions, manifestations, intentions and colours are linked to each organ spirit that marry up with the chakra’s and auric expression to understand, see and embody.

Each molecule has a purpose birthed from a concept and thus embodies an aura. Colour

resonates and enhances or may well change or ignite your auric field. Colour therapy has

long been used to establish mood. This can be seen in your own home, in the café that

attracts or draws you in and indeed the clothes that you choose that morning to shroud

yourself, either lifting or meeting the aura that you feel most describes you on that day, in

that moment. As you notice and attune to your inner kindness for yourself, it is easy to

realise that you already have the power to change, mould and balance the health of your

aura inside and out.

Remember to thank and trust what you already know, look within for empowerment and your authentic truth and that will always be reflected outward. Leaving in the rear view old patterns and beliefs that mark, speckle, darken and add weight to your energetic aura. All emotions and colours are important to acknowledge, feel, and flow through you for growth and awareness. Instead of seeking another’s knowledge, perhaps ask yourself each day, what colour am I today and which colour do I choose to strive towards? Remember trust takes time and patience, be forgiving and patient with yourself.

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