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Supporting Passions

As part of our love for community, the importance of support, empowerment and encouragement for each other; we have opened our space to support a currently local visual artist. Marc has been creating a sustainable nomadic lifestyle for the past six years. Photographing, activating spaces, and exploring life across the planet.

Marc wanted to share the images and give a little description to each image that is currently available in the clinic and store space. Enjoy!

Cherry Waves

You know the feeling when you just stare at a sunset and everything becomes timeless? Nothing matters except that what you are experiencing in that moment and you simply become at ease.

This was one of my favourite sunset moments. Jumping off the dock with two close friends and

climbing the rope and structure beneath. Brave of me to take the camera in and so close to the surface of the water, though I feel it was completely worth it.


Back in 2007 a hurricane hit a little island north of Cancun in the Caribbean Ocean. The structure you see in this image used to be a habitable home on the beachfront. The remains are now home to local iguanas. This has to be one of my favourite landscapes I have ever captured.


As I stood off shore from the tropical beach in Mexico with my underwater camera, I was hypnotised by this coral dancing in the waves. It was beautiful. I had to capture a moment with it. Whilst we were having our connection, someone was having a connection with mine and my partner’s bags on the beach. It had our other cameras and lenses, money, jewellery and

other personal belongings. All taken in a moment like; the image you see before you. A memorable birthday.

Buddhist prayer wheels

Whilst living in a rural province in Italy, the last thing I expected to see was Buddhist prayer wheels. However; if you ever make your way up to the summit of Pennabilli, Emilia-Romagna, you will encounter these prayer wheels and a bell that overlooks the mountain valley.

Sunset Silhouette

To keep it simple. This is simply one of many beautiful sunsets I managed to capture over My time in Mexico. It has always been one of my favourites, and I simply wanted to see it on large print.

All these prints are available on canvas, and all can be printed in various sizes. Over time we have intention to have more available, we hope you enjoy them and thank you for taking the time to view this blog.

To see more please go to

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