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Ponderings and Insights.

Awaken and Reveal your multi-dimensional Self, through the Feelings and Insight from an Empathic and Inner Psychic Self.

As I walk forward, I feel brave.

Though my stride is energetically weighted down

by the dis-ease of ebbing fear lapping at my knees.

I feel a deep well of sadness in my heart.

With hope sinking deeper and deeper, as souls appear to choose the dark

They blindly follow and trust the counterfeit light of power and greed.

I ache for others to pursue an inner kindness, forgiveness and self-acceptance.

Release the hatred, shame and judgement.

These emotions lethargically devour our core, leaving pockets of emptiness, stagnation and

pain. Move these aside like foggy veils to reveal the truth, your truth.

The choice to step forward with head held high,

To live in one’s truth,

To listen to that feeling deep inside,

To know that whatever you choose,

As long as you sit in kindness and love,

Knowing that those who stand: beside you,

next to you and behind you,

Accept you, as you accept yourself.

Are you able to trumpet this as your truth?

Do you spend each day attempting to walk forward as the greatest version of yourself?

Are you here to grow and strive forward?

Or are you here to tread water and simply exist?

Have you heard yourself speak your truth lately?

Or do you remain silent?

When will it by your time to be heard?

Can you hear yourself?

Or have the options and voices of other sent your own voice underwater?

You allowed that to happen.

You allowed your own voice to be but an underwater echo

Watermark vibrations stretching further from your inner truth.

Give yourself permission to compassionately step forward

To break the surface with your own known truth Trust in your intuition Believe that support surrounds you

Your intention is like a magical breeze Gently encouraging you forward Dissipating and evaporating the fear Fostering the lightness of your bravery and truth.

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