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Our Tongue now has its Tonic!

Crafted, Bespoke, Energetically Vibed up Herbal Medicine Tonics have arrived at Tongue & Tonic.

Our new Chinese herbal Medicine Tonics might be just the thing to help you find your balance.

Our Chinese Herbal Medicine Tonics have been crafted right here in our Elsternwick home by Jemima. Over her 10 years in practice Jemima has carefully chosen mostly organic herbal medicine to synergise in her tonics for those who strive for balance and harmony within. Our process consists of a 6 week daily care regime to craft our tonics. Once formulated our herbal formulas languish in a pure alcohol decoction, attended to twice daily and spoken to with positive mantras adds to the magic of our tonics. The centuries old use of alcohol to obtain optimum herbal goodness extraction is our latest creation. We look forward to sharing our passion with you and assisting in your positive health journey. Our tonics can be picked up in store or ordered online. If you order online and would like further advice, we are always happy to oblige.

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