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Introducing Gemma White and the wonderful world of EFT Tapping.

3 Reasons Why People Don’t Achieve Their Goals & How EFT Tapping Can Help.

Fear of Failure or Fear of Success

Whether you’re afraid of failure, or you’re afraid of success, there is some kind of emotion in the way of you achieving the outcome you want. In your EFT tapping session, I will ask deliberate questions to tease out the issue to find out what emotions are holding you back. Progress can be quite quick once we focus in on these issues with a simple mantra while you tap on your face and body. Perhaps there is a memory from your childhood that is holding you back. If so, we can work with that, so it no longer has a charge for you.


Procrastination seems like a different issue, but it still boils down to another kind of fear or anxiety about achieving your goal. Again, I will ask questions designed to elicit what you are afraid of, and whether this fear sits in your body any place. A physical sensation is a good entry point to EFT tapping. So, we don’t tap on procrastination, we tap on an emotion – fear or anxiety, or whatever it may be. That will get the best results to clearing blocks to you achieving your goal.

Not Being Clear on What Your Goals Are

This is where EFT tapping can dovetail into coaching because I could ask you as the client to write down your goals in the session, bringing a degree of clarity to them. But if you feel so dislocated from your desires that you can’t write them down, what do you do? I might ask you something like, “when you try to write your goals down, what emotion comes up?’ or “how do you feel when you

can’t think of any goals?” and then we can clear that negative emotion, that’s blocking you from thinking of your goals and making them tangible.

EFT Can Help

1. By removing negative emotions that are keeping you stuck

2. By removing negative charge on memories that keep you in negative patterns

3. By eliminating pain manifestations of blocked emotions that physically limit you

4. By offering a quick and easy solution to an emotional problem

5. By allowing you to move forward with your life

It’s a bit like entering a meditative drumming circle, except you’re drumming (tapping) on your face and body. As with any hand drum, you might get a better sound – more healing shifts – from certain places on your drum – or body. This can take time to learn as you become more familiar with the EFT tapping technique either by yourself or with a practitioner, or both.

More than 100 papers published in peer-reviewed professional journals, and hundreds of anecdotal stories in addition to this corroborate the results that are possible from EFT tapping. The method was originally created in the 1990s by Gary Craig.

I discovered EFT tapping at a meetup group for self-development, and I was immediately intrigued by the technique. Finally, I had found a method that allowed me to smooth out life’s inevitable emotional ups and downs. I’ve used it to quell anxiety, to deal with phobias, to tackle money mindset, and to improve my relationships. It really can be used on just about anything – if you have a feeling about it, EFT can clear the emotional blockage concerned.

If you’d like to experience EFT tapping, you can book in for an in person session with me on a Thursday at Tongue and Tonic via the website.

For online sessions at other times of the week, call

me on 0401285708 or email

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