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Daily Water Cleansing Ritual

Cleansing is an important tool for maintaining flow within your being.

Do you cleanse with water, energy, salt or in another way?

Here is a meditation cleanse that can be done anytime, you can even imagine yourself in your favorite body of water.

I cleanse my whole body, my being, my light with water daily. As I dry myself I acknowledge each landscape of skin with loving intention. As I rub and invigorate my scalp I move stagnant energy to make way for new and expansive ideas and luscious healthy hair growth. I lather my body with cream to awaken and nourish my physical and energetic self. I eye gaze with my complexion supporting and loving myself, my light, my kindness, my inner truth, my authentic self. I feel ready to share and accept my authentic self with those I have chosen to walk beside, behind and lead. I am truly empowered as my authentic self.

Jemima is the Tongue & Tonic creator, natural product maker, Chinese medicine doctor, Psychic receiver and Medium, Spiritual healer, mediation & intuition teacher, writer, presenter, facilitator, mother, community leader, adventurer and connector. She speaks at community events in relation to health and spirituality as well as through her social media channels on instagram, youtube and rumble under - Tongueandtonic - . She has gained 20 years in health and 14 years of motherhood. She chooses to walk forward with core philosophies of courage, kindness, peace, wisdom and growth. Private or group sessions can be booked through the store at 722 Glenhuntly Rd, Caulfield South or online through

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