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Building Intuitive Trust

Who do you trust most on this Earth?

Was your answer myself?

If you trust another over yourself,

it is time to do some investigation to find out why.

Could it be that you made a decision in the past that you feel has had negative consequences in your life, thus breaking your own trust circle? Perhaps deep conditioning or schooling has trained you to look to organisations, government, religion, family, educators, community, experts, influencers, media or AI/technology for solutions, advice or pathways.

If you take yourself back to reflect through a different lens, that lesson or challenge can be reframed as a learning step helping you to become the person who is reflected back at you today.

There is a distinctive difference between leaning on those we trust to



run/make decisions in our life.

Those that we lean on for support are there to back us, listen and then support any decision or conclusion that you decided, even if they would run their own lives in a different way. Support and Acceptance.

Learning to be a great support for others is an important role.

Are you a good support for others?

Do you attempt to force others?

Are you forced into decisions that others feel are for your greatest benefit?

Out of love do you influence your decision on another because you know best, or you do not trust the person to reach the goal on their own?

We can all understand how this may be beneficial as a parent for children, however once you embark on your adult journey, this scenario simply leads to the decision maker shouldering blame for any 'negative consequences' their puppet runs across.

By giving your power away, your ability to learn, grow or take responsibility for actions and build trust is compromised, leading to further strings used to animate your actions and decisions, finally shirking all responsibility stepping further and further away from yourself. A loss of self trust, freedom and inner strength.

Looking outside of yourself for trust gives your power away.

Backing yourself with an attitude to growth and knowing that mistakes are part of that process

* Builds Trust

*Assists internal Balance and Wellness

*Creates Self Inspiration

giving rise to a

*Clear and Nourishing Connection to Universal Energy

& Wisdom.......

Your Soul origins of Regenerative Power & Peace of Home.

Take the time to process new information.

Breathe and step away from the conditioning of busyness that overshadows many lives giving way to easy mistakes and negative feedback systems while sitting in the guilt/shame cycles.

Knowledge is simply information that may or may not be of benefit to your journey. By taking the time to process new information from a witness perspective, you show yourself kindness, peace, space to digest & create understanding. Clarifying focus can assist you to see, if this new knowledge is welcome into your philosophy, conditioning or boundaries. By consciously welcoming in the new knowledge and applying it to your own journey you begin to act through wisdom. Acting through wisdom builds trust. Trust builds boundaries and positive life consequences, self talk and life decisions.

Building trust in your body can be consolidated through fitness, I know my body will support me, I am strong. Building intuitive trust, like body trust also takes time, awareness and patience.

Intuitive trust building tools are used for self to self clarity.

Here are some such tool suggestions that we stock at Tongue and Tonic:

  1. Divination cards - Oracle, Tarot, Reading cards, Affirmation cards.

  2. Mantras - 'A little Jar of Positivity' is a dose a day mantras for your growth.

  3. Crystals - polished or rough singles or synergy combination packs provide vibrational assistance to step into your most inspirational self.

  4. Essential oils - Clear old programs, chakras and step into the new with scent vibrational tools in the single or combination as concentrated, sprays, bath soaks or massage oil combination.

  5. Work books, Guides & Novels- Along with selected growth authors and stocked books we are blessed to have our in-house author and mindset coach Marnie whose work books and guides are featured instore and online as electronic and paperback.

  6. Intuition Circle Class - Our weekly Tuesday Intuitive Circle Class from 1pm - 3pm is the ultimate in action experience. Hold yourself to task and launch with the support from others and the guidance of Jemima to connect, expand and step into your self to self trust and intuitive wisdom.

Remember that kind words and compassion to yourself builds inner truth, trust, love, compassion and acceptance.

Jemima is the Tongue & Tonic creator, natural product maker, Chinese medicine doctor, Psychic receiver and Medium, Spiritual healer, mediation & intuition teacher, writer, presenter, facilitator, mother, community leader, adventurer and connector. She speaks at community events in relation to health and spirituality as well as through her social media channels on instagram, youtube and rumble under - Tongueandtonic - . She has gained 20 years in health and 14 years of motherhood. She chooses to walk forward with core philosophies of courage, kindness, peace, wisdom and growth. Private or group sessions can be booked through the store at 722 Glen Huntly Rd, Caulfield South or online through

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