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Boosting your immune system

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

In this time of crisis of a pending pandemic, who are you?

Reactive Or Proactive?

When faced with a crisis that affects your health a proactive approach boosts your immune system, where a reactive approach drains your immune system as well as your adrenals.

A Reactive Approach:

  • Burns out adrenals and your immune system

  • Adrenal fatigue leads to full body fatigue and immune compromise

  • Stress and worry will fray your nerve endings

  • Overthinking and worry places pressure on your digestive system; your immune system production hub

  • Worry can lead to over-eating which places pressure on your digestive and immune system.

  • Over thinking, stress and adrenal fatigue leads to anxiety and insomnia

  • Insomnia blocks the body’s ability to repair and recover

  • Mild anxiety leads to shallow breathing causing dis-harmony and stagnation in the body, leading the self into stress and the ‘fight or flight’ response

Or perhaps you would like tips on a….Proactive Approach:

  • Meditation gears the body out of ‘fight or flight’ and into rest and restore. Meditation also boosts your immune response as well as aiding calm and clarity

  • Stretching repairs frayed nerve endings and creates body balance and flow

  • Acupuncture boost the immune system, aids in restful sleep, moves on stressful energy, balances the adrenals and enhances digestion

  • Take moments through the day to pause and breathe, this settles our adrenal system

  • Eating immune boosting foods promote the growth of positive bacteria to support the immune system

  • Zinc, Echinacea, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Olive Leaf Extract, root vegetables, bone broth, fermented and pickled foods are also immune boosting

If you feel overwhelmed by negative polarised chaos you are always welcome to tune in or head into our space for a re-set; peace, clarity and positive energy.

We are all here to support each other through love and kindness.

Vibe up and boost your immune system letting go of what you cannot control, taking control of things you can in a proactive approach.

Healing vibes to you all,

Jemima & Vicky

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